Tutoring an ADHD Student.

I believe you’ll be able to tap into his ADHD superpowers. Look for the energy and enthusiasm.

Have him be aware of how he organizes information in his brain. Does he think of the situation where it occurs visualizing a “scene”, does he picture the list in his head or any other personally customized way? Ask these kinds of questions then tell him to apply these in other areas.

A couple of suggestions:

Pomodoro method. The ADHD brain is a thoroughbred that needs rest between races.

Note Taking: Mind Mapping – this provides a visual

Timer – for computer Free Countdown Timer
for smartphone

Scanner pen – Amazon.com: IRISPen 7 Express Portable and USB-powered Digital Pen Scanner: Electronics

Post-it notes – different sizes and in different colors
Colored pens – one with four different colors in the same pen works well for me.

Fidgets: Fidgets, Therapy Fidget Toys