The mission of ADHD Superpower is to channel the mental and physical energy from ADHD into making the world a better place.

I’m David Boswell and I’m a coach who works with people with ADHD of all ages channel their ADHD energy in positive and constructive ways.

My grade school years were typical for a boy with ADHD.  My distractibility led to missed classes, assignments and failure.  My impulsivity and need for stimulation created risk taking behavior and led to trouble with authority.  After graduating High School I yearned for a direction and mission for my life.

On impulse I joined the U.S. Army at the age of 19 to became a helicopter pilot and officer. While serving as a medical evacuation helicopter pilot I focused (hyper-focused) on becoming an Aerospace Engineer. 

It wasn’t until I was married, working as an engineer and taking graduate classes I was diagnosed with ADHD.  All of a sudden many things happening in my life suddenly made sense.

After earning my Master’s in Aerospace Engineering I instructed engineering, math and sciences at the technical college and university level.  It was in this setting I successfully taught students with ADHD college level math and engineering concepts.

Through teaching I realized that I loved guiding people with ADHD go from totally lost, to confident masters of a subject and succeeding in their lives.

As a graduate of the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA) I bring my Army leadership, engineering industry and technical college teaching expertise to the coaching process.

In addition to coaching I still work as an engineer and hold a 3rd degree ranking in Japanese Archery (Kyudo).