Chaos and Calamity are my Muses

Chaos and Calamity have always been a part of my life.  Chaos has always pushed my abilities.  Calamity has helped my resilience.

ADHD may have been the origin of Chaos and Calamity and without these two muses I would have never heard the call of adventure.

You see it was not just my ADHD that played a role in my life, my parents both showed classic ADHD traits.  My dad an Emergency Room Doctor and my mom an Emergency Room Nurse.  Both of them working with the products of some of the worst chaos and calamity that life can bring.  I followed a similar path as a MEDEVAC helicopter with the motto “If your’e dyin’ we’re flyin'” I actually got painfully bored if Calamity didn’t present me with a mission.

You see we didn’t feel forced to deal with calamity and chaos we thrived on it.  After a lot of research on this matter I know that I indirectly NEEDED what Calamity and Chaos brought.  With these two muses I got a shot of adrenaline and dopamine.  So did my parents.  Those two neurochemicals produced an effect that erased ADHD effects.  It wasn’t just the life-or-death situation it was the neurochemicals that got us clear headed and focused.  Where others may have choked or freaked out we are clear headed and alert thinking with lightning speed, taking life-saving actions with skill and efficiency.

The effect I am describing is found in my “ADHD and the Dopamine Performance Curve” book available from this website.