The energy of ADHD must be focused for good or else it may hurt others and destroy the person…

Just like a Superpower.

Behind all the traits of ADHD is an abundance of mental and or physical energy not a lack of it.  The trick is being able to harness and focus this ADHD Superpower energy in productive ways.

ADHD abilities are brought about by being aware of your ADHD traits and understanding how they work.

I’m David Boswell and I coach adults who have the ADHD Superpower.  I can help you use ADHD traits like a Superpower whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD or not.

Do you have ADHD?

ADHD is a developmental disorder that can affect adults.

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Struggling with ADHD?

Mindfulness Based ADHD Management

Mindfulness isn’t just relaxing, it includes getting connected with what is going on inside of your head and how you relate with the rest of the world.

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How I Help

I have training from the Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy

I use methods based in Martial Arts, Sports Psychology.