Useful Mindfulness

Useful mindfulness doesn’t come from reading books or actually meditating.  All this information and contemplation must be applied to be useful.  Without this connection to our inner and outer worlds no benefit will be realized.

Devoting a lot of time meditating can make you feel good and going around telling everyone how much you meditate really doesn’t help you or others.  How you relate with yourself and others is what can be enhanced by your improved mindfulness.

Try and see where mindfulness can fit when you are off the cushion.  It might sound backwards but often come from conflicts we have with the world.  What we don’t like in the world shows us what we value or desire.  When we fall short of expectations or are misunderstood by people it can show a something we overlooked in ourselves or others.

This website and group is what I have done for creating mindfulness for everyday situations.  Useful Mindfulness Website