Natural Remedies for ADHD management.

Yes, there are “natural” tools to manage ADHD. Medication is very effective in managing ADHD and should be used with other management methods. Dr. Ned Hallowell’s great quote is “Pills don’t teach skills”.

Are you asking this questions because you don’t want to use meds? Are you having side effects? Talk to your doctor about these things.

There are good lists on natural tools on this website. Natural Remedies for ADHD, Readers’ Picks

Be careful in going off medication. You might not be aware of how ADHD is eroding improvements while on meds. Dr. Henry Svec ADD & ADHD Services has stated that he has seen patients want to stop after around 18 months because they believe then can cope without meds. Unfortunately that had happened with me and I’ve had to put in a lot of work to get back to where I was.