ADHD and Math Class

You say “focus in math” so I think you are talking about in class.

It’s hard to corral the attention to “low novelty” things.

So, one way is to find novelty. It can be as simple as a web search. My first suggestion is HyperPhysics Concepts

Second, try to find out what the math is used for or who invented it.

To actually learn math I suggest looking at the patterns and where a particular method fits in the big picture. This may mean you have to learn more detail but that is actually the fun part.

Since ADDers also think laterally our problem approaches may not be the most efficient. Get a “solutions manual” if possible and see the steps to reach the correct answer. You can also find YouTube videos for most proofs and problems.

I truly hated math in grade school. I ended up with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. It was my interest in aerodynamics that made math interesting and exciting.