ADHD Hacks #1

I was off medication and after a slow decline and now I’m back on it. I heardfrom Dr. Harry Svec (The ADHD Fix) say on a podcast that the ADHDer starts to do well on meds and around 18 months later believes they can hold it together. The inconsistency and other traits end up eroding the gains but the person realizes only when it gets bad.

I do something like the structured procrastination and I like the way it is presented in the link you provided. I call them “binary tasks” which are mindless tasks where I can just shut my brain off and go into auto mode. Washing dishes, vacuuming, walking dog etc.

I call my notebook my “pensive” which Dumbledor uses in Harry Potter. I “brain dump” into it regularly. Once I get a thought, concern or worry on paper my mind is unburdened.

I found the structure of ADD Crusher – Alternative ADD Treatments Natural ADD Remedies very helpful. It’s not a “fluffy” and feel good like many techniques.

I use clear storage containers so I can see things. Labels are too fiddly.

I just had an organization breakthrough with Marie Konda’s method. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing: Marie Kondo: 9781607747307: Books

I hope you also find these helpful.