Successful, Intelligent and ADHD, is this possible?

You are successful because you’re intelligent.

ADHD is not a learning disability, your brain works differently. The disorder shows up as impairment of specific cognitive functions like working memory and executive function. Something that isn’t talked about much is that the ADHD brain provides you with strengths that neurotypicals rarely possess.

I consider ADHD a superpower. Like any superpower is must be refined and focused. If not, it can be very destructive, and possibly destroy you.

When the energy is harnessed and properly applied one can join the ranks of people like Leonardo DaVinci, Alexander Bell, Ben Franklin, Richard Branson and many others that are successful but not as famous. We generally don’t care about the fame anyway; we are hyperfocused on what we are passionate about. It is finding the productive and valuable things that we can hyperfocus on are the key or else we’ll be scattered and unsuccessful. You have already found Calculus, there is so much more. I invite you to find more, it’s wonderful.

It sounds like you’re already using the energy of ADHD to propel yourself to success in life when you mentioned your dream of being an entrepreneur. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you’ll follow your own path no matter what people say since you admit to disrespecting authority. Do you disrespect authority or do you just question it?

All superpowers also have weaknesses and ADHD has distractibility and emotional disregulation which you write as; daydreaming, always late to class, easily angered pessimistic and sensitive. There is more than enough information on the bad things that can happen. Creating “safety nets”, “scaffolding” help minimize these weaknesses. They can be as simple as setting a reoccurring timer on your phone, temporarily limiting the “scope” of your studies, a group of friends you select who keep you on track or an ADHD coach. I’m sure you have plenty of scaffolding techniques. Become aware of them then develop and refine them.
One scaffold I have is that I try to choose friends wisely, finding the ones that elevate my superpower not exploit or degrade it. I personally like finding a person who is excelling in something I like and I set up a secret “competition” to see how I’m keeping up. I’ve had many great acquaintances from competition. I also have a wife that elevates my superpowers.
Competition also reduces my sense of being a “stupid” and “retarded” person. I still think I do stupid and retarded things but I don’t consider myself stupid or retarded. It is a subtle difference in perspective but it makes a huge difference when I do screw up. I still get upset that I did screw up like a normal person but don’t beat myself up. Sometimes I even find it hilarious, like finding the cereal in the refrigerator. That’s where the milk goes so my ADHD brain says, why not?

I practice calligraphy and copperplate. This sounds like your rhythmic writing. You might find the Mavis Beacon typing program useful. Mavis Beacon | Broderbund | Official Software Site

Join an Adult ADHD support group in your area. You are mature enough to gain benefit and contribute. I get camaraderie and connection from sitting in a room of ADHDers. We’re a Legion of ADHD Superheroes.

For me life with ADHD is terrifying, stressful, rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling. For me it is a wonderful path that I wouldn’t trade for being normal or anything else.