Are all people with ADHD know-it-all “walking encyclopedias”?

Have you wondered about those folks that give off the aura of being a know-it-all walking encyclopedia? Do I mean the eletro-magnetic radiation around the sun seen during eclipses known as the “corona” or more of a “halo” around an object caused by light diffusion of particles in the atmosphere type “aura”?


No. I don’t think people with ADD/ADHD are commonly known for being encyclopedias…Walking Wiki’s on the other hand…

Seriously, I think many walking encyclopedias have ADHD and may not be diagnosed.  I believe this is because we hyperfocus on what we are interested and passionate about.  Then a part of the disorder is that we can miss social queues that we are being a “know-it-all”.   We become so immersed in the topic and knowledge that our passion and enthusiasm spills, or more likely explodes, everywhere all the time.  If all this leads to success in life then we don’t consider it a disorder and don’t get diagnosed.

ADHD affects people differently, some are very inattentive and quiet.  Regardless, there is a high probability of walking encyclopedias having ADHD but not that probable a person with ADHD is a walking encyclopedia or knows it all.