How to control Hyperfocus

I have found that I can get into a mode of hyper-focus by gently “corralling” my brain. I consider it is a passive form of control but it takes work and preparation. For me it is about creating the situation and motivation where the hyper-focus superpower is evoked.

1. Identify the goal and map out a plan and the tasks required to get there.
2. Make sure the activity is connected to my goals, interests, passions and legacy. Jeff Spencer is a great reference for this The Champions Blueprint with Dr. Jeff Spencer
3. Vividly visualize until I can feel what it is going to be like to succeed in reaching the goal. Directive affirmation gives my visualization structure.Favorite texts: Lanny basham
4. Commit to the goal. Giving my self permission to proceed. David Giwerc’s method is what I use Permission to Proceed

Once I have a clear picture in my head of what I want to achieve, I am passionate about it and I am engaged in the activity the hyper focus often shows up.

This may sound like a way to get motivated and get things done that works for anyone but I find it extra ADHD friendly.

David Boswell
ADHD Coach
ADHD affects individuals differently. Each answer so far is really good.

I’d like to add:

Identify what evokes your hyperfocus. This is really important. Your ADHD traits have to be invited to the party you just can’t drag them wherever you want.

Cultivate Interests. Everyone has desires and interests. By learning more about something specific, doing activities or work in desired areas will strengthen interest.

When you want that hyperfocus recall what brought it out before and to remain in hyperfocus recall your deep interests connected with that activity.

Here’s a related answer that I outline my process for getting hyperfocused that I teach others. David Boswell’s answer to I am an adult with adhd, how can I learn to stick to things?
I’d like to add something:

Fidget with something while you’re paying attention or focusing on a task.

Some people who have to deal with ADHD kids use this method.
Fidgets in the Classroom for ADHD Kids

I personally use a hand exerciser called Gripmaster : Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Black, Heavy Tension (9-Pounds per Finger) : Hand Strengtheners : Sports & Outdoors