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Wind Down

Actively wind down in the evening.

Wind Down Time

One way to wind down in the evening is to recap what happened that day.

Lots of good things can happen.

Regardless of the way the day went.

Plans to make progress – if the day was filled with distration and lack of focus.



Bouncy Bands

Bouncy Bands make a great fidget for kids.

I want one!

Bouncy Bands

Bouncy Bands

These are used in schools.  It provides some resistance for a bouncing foot.  Genius!

Why I think it’s genius?  It allows the rhythmic motion of a body part.  Sitting still and having the brain be active is difficult for me and probably for people with still developing frontal lobes…like kids up to young adults in their 20’s.


Navigating life using our emotions

Navigating life using intuition

Sticky post

Life is full of emotions.  Understanding how you feel and how to navigate through the ever changing emotional landscape is vital.

Emotions Help Us Navigate

Dr. Alan Watkins presents a new way to visualize emotions and proposes evaluating them subjectively by being an observer.  A perspective that has a large mindfulness component.

Can't sleep

Can’t sleep? Then get to work!

I don’t think drugging or forcing yourself to sleep regular hours is productive. Sleep therapists are starting to think so too.


The 9 to 5 culture is based on factories and tending machinery.  In today’s world this is becoming less of a requirement.

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