ADHD and What you should be doing now?

You’re already doing what you need to do.
Find out what it is and refine it.
Find out what you truly want to do and do it.

That’s what I do when I coach people with adult ADHD. You see to get this far with ADHD you’ve figured out a lot of stuff. What you now consider “easy” is actually a very valuable skill. It needs to be identified and used elsewhere.

As for the not being able to focus on repetitive tasks. Ask your doctor about your meds. When you take the correct dose there is an “aha” feeling. Dr. Brown works with very smart adults with ADHD Welcome to I have found when I am “dosed” I can control my hyperfocus at will. However, boring will always be boring.

You can also delegate a lot of the tedious stuff. Barter by offering your honed ADHD traits to help colleagues. You might be amazed how people will be overjoyed to sort out files and documents all day. I’m ADHD too and just don’t understand that.