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Funniest ADHD Test

The unofficial and funniest ADHD test.

Rick Green, of Totally ADD, has posted the funniest ADHD test I’ve ever seen.

The Funniest ADHD Test

The Unofficial Test for ADHD Adults

I think this video is genius because it includes questions that test for other conditions like depression, hyperthyroidism, anxiety, OCD and bipolar disorder.

Rick was recently awarded the Order of Ontario medal.  He’s another person using their ADHD Superpower.


Our ‘Unofficial’ ADHD Test from on Vimeo.

deny ADHD

Why deny ADHD as a valid condition?

Some doctors don’t think the diagnosis of ADHD is valid. Why? There can be many reasons:  Maybe they want to sell lots of books?  Everyone can appear distracted or hyperactive at times so there is misunderstanding of what is really going on.  The symptoms of ADHD change through life but most continue to have hyperactivity of the mind.

Deny ADHD as Valid

It was first believed that children outgrew the disorder because it didn’t “appear” they had any impairment later in life.  As time goes on we understand the disorder better and know that you don’t have to be physically hyperactive to have ADHD.

There is no single test for the disorder.  The affects of the disorder are evaluated by testing symptoms and brain functioning.  If this disorder isn’t fully understood a doctor will tend to diagnose a more superficial symptom or condition.

Some cautiously avoid discussion because they don’t know or understand enough to confidently diagnose.  Mis-diagnosis and prescribing a stimulant with addiction potential and street value is something they may not be comfortable doing.

A concern you may have is getting an ACCURATE diagnosis of what is going on. ADHD is not easy to diagnose, there is no one test or scan that is reliable on its own. There are also a lot of other things that cause similar symptoms and need to be ruled out as the cause. Here is an article that may provide some information on how you will proceed.

Getting an ADHD Diagnosis: 3 Common Mistakes

If you are looking for an evaluation for a diagnosis see a specialist.


Is there an ADHD gene?

The alleles of the genes behind the genetic component of ADHD are unknown.

The Gene

It is an interesting question but even associating a gene or allele mutation with development of ADHD symptoms or intelligence is an ill-posed question.  There are too many variations and outside influences to even predict.  It’s like the “butterfly effect” where everything is an influence but how much and what the role is on the outcome is highly variable.

Why is ADHD called a disorder?

Sticky post
It’s considered a disorder because of the last D.  It is a measurable impairment of executive function and working memory.  I consider it a neutral Superpower where depending on the situation can be an obstacle or advantage.  That’s just me.
I don’t enjoy my ADHD symptoms sometimes.  I try to minimize that time by creating situations and goals that invite ADHD traits to help me out.
An example is using my stubbornness to work through problems that people have given up on.  Then the trust I have cultivated in my hyperfocus and my scattered thoughts helps me arrive at innovative solutions in non-linear ways that others could never imagine.
I hope you find some enjoyment of your ADHD.  It’s the best roller-coaster ride I’ve ever been on!

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