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Why is ADHD called a disorder?

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It’s considered a disorder because of the last D.  It is a measurable impairment of executive function and working memory.  I consider it a neutral Superpower where depending on the situation can be an obstacle or advantage.  That’s just me.
I don’t enjoy my ADHD symptoms sometimes.  I try to minimize that time by creating situations and goals that invite ADHD traits to help me out.
An example is using my stubbornness to work through problems that people have given up on.  Then the trust I have cultivated in my hyperfocus and my scattered thoughts helps me arrive at innovative solutions in non-linear ways that others could never imagine.
I hope you find some enjoyment of your ADHD.  It’s the best roller-coaster ride I’ve ever been on!
As a Superpower

ADHD as a Superpower

I see ADHD as a superpower.  If it is not focused for good it can hurt a lot of people and maybe destroy the person.

Even as far back as 2011 ADHD was written about in the press as a Superpower.

Earliest Article I found on ADHD Superpower

You can become a Super Hero or a Super Villain.  Beware, if you become a Super Villain a tragic demise awaits.

As a Superpower 

My approach is influenced by Jungian archetypes Jungian archetypes. “They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world.” (wiki)

There are 12 types or qualities The 12 Common Archetypes. Of course, ADHD as a superpower, is influenced by Comics and Graphic Novels which I consider modern-day Greek Legends. Think of Achilles who was invincible except for that ankle.

A “Superpower” is a source of great power and potential. Pick up any comic book and you’ll see this illustrated. The superpower can be there from birth like Mutants or Fantastic Four. They can sometimes manifest later or transformed into having powers like Spiderman.

You can argue over whether some superheros or supervillans have superpowers because they use something to enhance it like with Batman and his inventions but he made those things. It is like that with ADHD and what enhances my ADHD is old-fashioned Ritalin. Regardless, there is a power there. The details of whether they are worthy of the “super” title needs a few beers to determine. ; )

The most important part is that every Superpower has a weakness. Superman Kryptonite, Wolverine metal detectors etc… Sometimes the weakness is with their superpower itself. I’ve always like Lobo, I consider him the most ADHD comic book character but don’t know if he’s a villan or hero…

No one is going to say that ADHD doesn’t have raw energy. Whether it is physical hyperactivity or it is internal thinking and the person appears lazy there is a lot going on with us ADHDers.

Here is the catch to the superpower thing. You can have a superpower and not be a superhero. If the superpower is not recognized and focused it is highly likely they will be consumed by it and it will control their lives. Dr. Hallowell’s story of how ADHD didn’t stop him in life because a teacher recognized his potential and power. He is an ADHDer and a graduate of Harvard College and Tulane School of Medicine and “The Main Man”. Dr Hallowell ADHD and mental and cognitive health

There is plenty of information out there on how bad ADHD can turn out. Just search for ADHD and addiction or check out Dr. Barkley. Dr. Russell A. Barkley The bad side of ADHD has tragically affected his family.

By taking the view that ADHD is a superpower I can truly help other ADHDers uncover what they truly want to do and reach levels of success and happiness that they haven’t even imagined.

I would like to see a day where people intentionally “ADHD” in the same way they impersonate their favorite superhero.

To Infinity and Beyond…squirrel!

David Boswell
ADHD Coach
Brentwood Psychological Services

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