Mindfulness Based ADHD Management (MBAM)

This approach uses Useful Mindfulness techniques for ADHD management.

This method helps the intuitive to the hyper-structured ADHDer.  The way it does this is by investigating what really drives the individual.  Not just the novel or exciting thing but what is their passion.

The method starts at the beginning of what really drives you which is where your attention naturally goes.

You may call it your life calling, true desire or burning passion.  Whatever you have a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something it contributes to “meaning” in our lives.

These methods will not only work right away but for the long term in any situation.

I have observed successful  people deal with ADHD traits, diagnosed or not, display self-awareness of important elements in their live.  Working on what is important to you and achieving goals you care about is true success.  Money and status can accompany those goals but are usually independent of success.

It was the way they engaged and employed these passions and values in their lives.

These successful people often wouldn’t be conscious of what they were doing.  Thinking and strategizing is not necessary.  Intuition and gut instinct are compatible with mindfulness.

Some were very structured.  Accountants, lawyers and bankers with ADHD traits I have worked with love the patterns, structure and regularity.  They engage in these activities for the calm contentment of the orderly and structured environment.



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