Mindfulness Based ADHD Management (MBAM)

I have helped successful  people manage ADHD traits, diagnosed and not, display self-awareness of the important elements in their lives.

For – individuals who are?
who – need, want to, deal with etc.
the – useful mindfulness methods ADHD Superpower program
MBAM is a technique that developes the skills and tools to increase, improves applies your ADHD hyper-focus.
Unlike tips and trick methods MBAM is easy to learn and remember.  Learn triggers and queues to automatically recall the methods anywhere anytime any situation.

  • You don’t have to be on retreat to be calm.
  • You’ll remember to be mindful when you’re agitated.
  • By providing internal triggers that don’t need a rational or conscious action.

We can be aware of many things being mindful means that we are being aware of things in a particular way.  Mindfulness Based ADHD Management involves observing and investigating the dynamics of ADHD traits in a non-judgemental way.

Step off the mental hamster wheel that we feel we are running on with MBAM techniques.

Reduce and eliminate negative effects of ADHD by seeing the traits at work before they cause trouble.

Work with your ADHD to reach solutions faster by developing the skills to focus your ADHD energy.

Gain clarity on what is important to you and work more efficiently achieving the goals you care about.

Increase your self awareness to improve relationships.

Tame impulses and reaction to flatten out the emotional roller-coaster ride.

MBAM helps all ADHDers whether they are inattentive hyperactive.

These methods will not only work right away but for the long term in any situation.


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