I’m David Boswell and I’m a coach who works with people of all ages who have ADHD.

My grade school years were typical for a boy with ADHD.  My distractibility led to missed classes, assignments and failure.  My impulsivity and need for stimulation created risk taking behavior and led to trouble with authority.

On impulse I joined the U.S. Army at the age of 19 to became a helicopter pilot and officer. While serving as a medical evacuation helicopter pilot I focused (hyper-focused) on becoming an Aerospace Engineer. 

It wasn’t until I was married, working as an engineer and taking graduate classes I was diagnosed with ADHD.  All of a sudden many things happening in my life suddenly made sense.

After earning my Master’s in Aerospace Engineering I instructed engineering, math and sciences at the technical college and university level.  It was in this setting I successfully taught students with ADHD college level math and engineering concepts.

Through teaching I realized that I loved guiding people with ADHD go from totally lost, to confident masters of a subject and succeeding in their lives.

As a graduate of the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA) I bring my Army leadership, engineering industry and technical college teaching expertise to the coaching process.

In addition to coaching I still work as an engineer and hold a 3rd degree ranking in Japanese Archery (Kyudo).