ADHD Superpower

The energy of ADHD must be focused for good or else it may hurt others and destroy the person…

Just like a Superpower.

Behind all the traits of ADHD is an abundance of mental and or physical energy not a lack of it.  The trick is being able to harness and focus this ADHD Superpower energy in productive ways.

ADHD abilities are brought about by being aware of your ADHD traits and understanding how they work.

I’m David Boswell and I coach adults who have the ADHD Superpower.  Whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD or just have ADHD traits I can help you use these energies like an ADHD Superpower.

I’ve been in the Aviation and Aerospace industry for over 20 years.  I joined the U.S. Army the age of 19 to become a helicopter pilot.  After serving in Desert Storm I got bored with just being a pilot and focused (hyper-focused) on becoming an Aerospace Engineer.  I ended up with a Bachelors and Masters in Aerospace Engineering.  I’ve worked at Boeing, Caterpillar and a whole bunch of other cool places like a Hang Gliding school.

I’m a graduate of the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA) and I coach for Brentwood Psychological Services.  I bring my Army leadership, engineering experience and college teaching expertise to the coaching process.  In doing this I can enhance and optimize ADHD traits in both personal and professional settings.

Contact me if you want to step up and use your ADHD Superpowers for good.


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